Dear Readers,

Sorry for being a big loser of a blogger. I guess the mission of the blog failed, as my spirit has certainly been crushed by winter, hopefully not for good, but definitely for now. Here's the kicker. We're just finishing up a weekend in which it was 40-degrees and felt practically like summer. While it may have lifted my spirits a little bit, my fashion spirit is still pretty low. I've been going through this whole routine where I put on a cute outfit, look at my dirty snow boots that I have to wear because it's wet and slushy outside, and think 'what's gall darn point?' before changing back into black pants and a stretched out sweater. Other than that pathetic ensemble, the only thing that I've been wearing is my bed (always in fashion). Yep, I've been clockin' in some Zs much at the expense of my homework.

Over the next few days, I'll try to put some post-worthy outfits together, but no promises of anything spectacular because EVERYTHING in my closet looks staler than the loaf of bread that I just threw away while cleaning out my cupboards. Anyone else having this issue? I'm not just talking winter wear; it seems like every piece of clothing that I own has been worn to death. Blerg! Why do I own so many freaking cowboy shirts?! Or boring t-shirts? Or ripped up sweaters? Why do I only own one pair of good walking shoes and why do my frye's give me blisters every time I wear them?!

Alright, enough of me whining. How about I introduce you to a new fashion blog that I just found? I think that it's very inspiring and it's from Australia, which means (taking a moment to adopt the voice of Oprah) SUMMMMMMMMERRRRRR! It's called Esme and the Lane Way. To get you interested, here are a couple of images (taken without permission) that I found in a few short minutes of browsing:

Must... get... yellow... shoes... for summer... or... will... die.

I love the idea of stripped socks and heels. And swings.

Mmm, green.

Alright. I'm off. Books by 19th century women authors beckon me along with, yes, more bed.



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Amy said...

Those shoes are excellent. You really do need them.