Gilda and Gene

Rachel and I will often post on the same day. It's weird, like we have a strictly internet-based ESP.

Anyhoo, I've lately been in a strictly jeans and t-shirt mood. Anytime that I try and dress all fancy-like, I look in the mirror and think, "Damn girl, you are trying waaaaay to hard." I think that it's this bipolar weather that we're having. Last weekend, it was in the seventies and last night it snowed. I CANNOT KEEP UP. So, in protest (?), I'm more relaxed about being fashionable these days.

Luckily, something came in the mail the other day that allows me to combine my need for basics with pure awesomeness. I give you (drum roll)...


I bought it from that hot mess of a Built by Wendy sample sale that I mentioned a few weeks ago. Now that it's on my back, I know that it was worth the eleven dollar shipping and two week (plus) wait. I even feel okay that the company ran out of the other shirt I bought and failed to tell me until the package arrived. Why? Because this shirt is the definition of greatness. I've worn it for the past three days and I'm about to do a load of laundry so that I can wear it for three MORE days.

Individual Fur Pattern: Yesterday

Cardigan: Boston Store clearance, 4 years ago
Flower tank: Anthro
Belt: Anthro
Cords: AG
Boots: Timberland

In other news, how much is too much to pay for jeans? These jeans are beautiful--perfectly distressed, great fit--but they're $235. What's the most you'll pay for a great pair of jeans?

In two hours I'm going to a clothing swap at a new vintage store in town. I'm pretty excited; it'll be the first time attending a swap with strangers. Strangers have some good shit, right? I hope so. I plan on doing it Supermarket Sweep style--racing through the aisles, grabbing as I go. I hope I find some good things, as my closet has been a bit bare since I started purging it 3 months ago.


Wedges, of the non-cheese variety

Giraffe Girl 1 by Karen O'Bryan

Someone please get me a giraffe skull mask so I can wear it on my head and look awesome.

Today feels like SPPPRRRINNNGGG and I'm craving impractical footwear. Usually, I'm a flats-only girl but after reading Sea of Shoes all the time, I'm like gimme some of those Marni wegdes. She makes it look like wearing 3"+ heels is similar to wearing a house slipper! I might disregard my paper (due tomorrow) to go to DSW tonight and investigate some cheap imitations.

Also, now that it's spring and I'm interested in fashion again, I'm particularly lamenting the loss of most of Madison's vintage stores. All that's left is the standard used clothing stores and the over-priced June 3rd jerks. But...I've heard wind of a new vintage shop opening only blocks from my abode. I heard it's called "Good Styles" or something, so Maddie and I will need to investigate.


A Thoroughly Polite Dust-Up

I'll likely have egg all over my face when these turn out to be all the rage, but really?

They remind me of something you'd see in a British hospital during WWII.

Nurse: Oh Reginald! The war that has brought us together will undoubtedly tear us apart!

Patient: Do keep calm, Gwendolyn! Your blush is quite unbecoming. Now, re-bandage my foot for I must prepare myself to join my comrades on the front and London fashion week is just around the corner.

Nurse: My Darling! Do write often!

Patient: Chipperow, baby. When I miss your lips, I'll put a fag in my mouth and think of you.*

*Line, for the most part, is blatantly stolen from the Arrested Development episode "Notapusy."


Okay, Built By Wendy. You got me. $11 shipping and it still didn't ship until today? Where's Suzanne Somers and the rest of the Candid Camera crew?


Top o' the mornin'

Do remember going to school on Saint Patrick's Day as a kid and other students would pinch you for not wearing green? And they would pinch hard past the point of necessity? I always hated that because I would ALWAYS forget to wear green and would ALWAYS get stupid f'ing pinched. Maybe that's why now, despite my Irish heritage, I NEVER wear green on St. Patty's.

Rant over. Real post beginning.

Yesterday, I was in Chicago looking to find some kick-ass Spring boots. Frankly, my search was sort of half-hearted, so I didn't find them. I did find a pair of beautiful red shoes at a store in Wicker Park and while I may not get to use them for tromping through puddles and mud, I will get to wear them for Saturday strolls to the Farmer's Market once it gets a little warmer.

Lucky for me, I don't have to wait until the end of April when the market starts up again to wear them because today was in the seventies! And what did I promise you? I promised you that with nicer weather comes more outfit posts, so here we are.

shirt: thrifted
skirt: ok47
belt: thrifted
shoes: corso como



Doppelganger Doubt (Alliteration Awesome)

Tonight, my dad took my brother and I out to dinner to belatedly celebrate my birthday. As we were about to order our drinks and meals, the waitress blurts out that I sort of look like Hilary Duff. I wasn't really sure how to respond, so I muttered a stammered "thank you." The more I think about it, the more I think that it was a flattering compliment. Resume and Aaron Carter aside, the Duffster is quite a pretty girl. Still, this is probably one of the most random and surprising you-look-like-so-and-sos that I've ever gotten. Let's look closer, shall we?

The girl on the left is me at a wedding (wearing a dress that you helped me pick). The girl on the right is Hilary Duff. Just needed to clear that up because I'm sure that some of you are confused. I guess that I don't really see it, although, for the sake of full disclosure, I did have a slight, albeit unintentional, Lizzie McGuire faze:

Yes, that's 18 year old me. I was living in Italy at the time which explains the alien tan.

Just because I'm putting off doing what I should be doing (hello midterms), here are the other celebrities that I have gotten compared to in no particular order. For the record and humility's sake, when people tell me these things, I think what they really mean is "you look like the homely sister who's working as an assistant for..."

Maggie Gyllenhall was another one that came completely out of the blue. It's probably weirder than Hilary Duff.

I've been compared to both these ladies. Oddly, I think that Rebecca Hall looks a lot like my mother. For Scarlet (who I actually can't stand outside of Lost in Translation), see "homely sister" remark above.

This is probably the one that I see the most. Funny enough, my mom was told that she looked like Molly Ringwald back in the 80's brat pack days.

And this is the one that I find most flattering.

Readers, please take advantage of commenting and tell me who you're most told that you look like. Or tell me to fucking get over myself. You know, either way.
I won't even apologize for the rare blog posts anymore. At this point, my apologies have become cheap and too easily given so how can you, my dear readers, take me seriously? All that I can say is that I promise that posts will become more frequent as the weather gets nicer. Believe me, you would not be interested in seeing the dirty coat and boots that I wear daily. I'm hardly interested and I'm the one who has to wear them!

Anyhow, I can hardly express my gratitude for those of you who continue to tune in. I will try, however, by cluing you in to the fact that Built by Wendy is currently having a sample sale. I just bought a summery chambray top (now $10) and a t-shirt (now $20) that I've been longing for since seeing it on the drummer at the She & Him show that I went to with Rachel this past summer. The bummer is that shipping is a whole eleven bucks, but I guess if you consider that the t-shirt was marked down from $45, it doesn't seem too bad. Recession be damned!

Since I don't have any outfits to share with you, I thought that I'd share a couple of images from my inspiration folder (all of our computers have 'em).

If this economic depression can bring about one good thing, I think that it's the return of men dressing like this.

Jean Shrimpton visits the doll hospital.

Maybe my favorite image ever. If I had it my way, I would always dress like a member of a depression-era (I'm seeing a theme here) circus... without the poverty, ostracism, and animal cruelty.

Only Chloe Sevingy has the confidence to pull off a turban with what looks like a romper.

On the set of Roman Holiday.

I'm in constant awe of how stylish Michelle Williams is. Constant. Awe.

Oh, Marianne Faithful. I will resist the punny commentary that your name presents and focus on the sunglasses... and the bangs... and maybe the ruffles, too.

There are plenty more images to show, but I still need material to get me through the rest of the season.