One is silver and the other gold

Question: How do you feel about wearing silver and gold jewelry at the same time?

I honestly want to know. Please respond with your opinions in the comment section.

When I was younger I thought there could be no greater violation than to mix metals: if your necklace was gold, the rest of your jewelry had to be gold, too. As I've gotten older I've loosened up my strict-as-a-straight-laced-biddy fashion rules, but I've still believed that mixing metals is a no-no.

You know that terrible movie "Made of Honor"? Well the main girl in that movie wears the same necklace in most scenes: it's just a simple small necklace with two circles that are entwined. I found the necklace online (it's made by Los Angeles jewelry designer Zoe Chicco) because it cast a spell over me and I put it on my Christmas list. My dad graciously gave it to me and I've worn it every day since.


The necklace is gold. I have two rings that I wear at all times. They are silver. To be able to wear both my rings and the necklace, I need to reconcile my belief that metals can be mixed. Can you tell I've spent a lot of time thinking about this?

Please advise.


30-Degrees, Batman!

dress: portobello road market, london
leggings: aa
boots: frye

Today is a little bit warmer than it's been, so I felt obligated to run a comb through my hair and slap on something decent. I'm pretty sure that all I'm doing today is going to my mom's house to watch some Lee Pace movies, so this awesome little dress won't get much exposure around the public. I bought it about two years ago when my friend Elly and I did the "grand tour" around Europe. We ended the trip in London with practically empty pockets, which is very sad because that city ain't cheap! When I found this little number, I had to throw concern for finances to the wind. I pay for it every time someone asks me where I bought it. I feel like such a pretentious a-hole when I answer back "London, dahling!"

On a side note, here is the view from my window:

Happy Holidays, y'all!


Holy Holidays!

Sorry for the hiatus, everybody. Like I've said, finals week kept both Rachel and I pretty busy and I'd be lying if I said that I had been typing away at papers wearing high heels and a cute vintage sweater. Truth is that I've spent most of the past week in pajamas, hunched over my desk while I worked on this! Good news is that my holiday party for work is tonight and that means that I'm going to get gussied up.

dress: banana republic
tights: gap
riding boots: hand-me-downs
doppleganger: vampire maddie

I've shown this dress before, but tonight it will actually be appropriate! Well, maybe not. It's likely that I will be the most dressed up girl at the party, but that's okay by me.

A funny thing about the boots is that I've had them since I was about nine and a friend of the family gave them to me for dress-up. I even wore them at my fourth grade Star Wars themed birthday party when I dressed up as Luke Skywalker (I was too young to know that Hans Solo is totally more badass). They are currently about a shoe size too small, but what are you gonna do when there's a few feet of snow on the ground and the day's high is 3 degrees fahrenheit (yeesh)?



Pin-up icon Bettie Page has passed away.

Despite a lack of clothes, she was (and is) quite the style icon.

Bettie, tonight we raise our glasses to you! Thanks for making curvy so damn sexy.


Handmade Pledge

Sorry that we've been a wee bit bad at posting these last few days. It's the end of the semester and, I won't speak for Rachel, but I'm up to my ears with Paradise Lost term papers, creative writing revisions, scansions, and more. Come next week, I'll be sure to whip out some outfit posts!

Have you heard of the Handmade Pledge?

I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org

Are any of you doing it this year? I'm sorely tempted, but it sort of throws a monkey wrench in some of my holiday plans. Can I half take the pledge? Or maybe I could start my own more self-centered version called the "Handmade (when convenient) Pledge."



Individual Fur Pattern: Literal Edition

When the winters are as long, gray and generally soul-crushing as Wisconsin winters, you have to find glimmers of humor where you can. This hat, I believe, does the trick. I got it on a rural Wisconsin thrifting jaunt with Maddie this summer. A rare find, it was waiting for me in the basement of Halle's Closet, an amazing vintage store in Mazomanie. Guess what else. It had a twin! There were two of these magnificent beasts in that Mazomanie basement. Naturally, I showed the prize to Maddie, who didn't feel the need to be my hat-twin. C'est la vie: she gave me the privilege of bringing this miracle of head wear to the masses.

Every time I wear this hat I get multiple smiles and comments from complete strangers; the kind that make your day a little lighter. Also, when you want to take a nap in class this hat makes the perfect pillow. And it's warm as hell.