I only have four-eyes for you

Bespectacled people, prepare to be enraged. I'm a little bit jealous of you. Yes, this is an ignorant statement. I'm very grateful for the services that my good vision has provided for me and, given the option, I'd keep my 20/20 over a sweet pair of tortoise-shells. Still, I just love glasses so much. I do need them to read (my eyes over-focus and cross, giving me headaches. No joke!), but have never had to give glasses a full time gig. I guess what I love about them is how, no matter how the rest of you looks, a cool pair of glasses can make you look cool by association. Plus, they hide dark circles and you don't have to wear eye make-up.

I recently found my dream glasses at the Moscot website:

I love the way they give off a retro-geek vibe, but steer clear of over-sized hipster goggles. They sort of remind me of Anna Karina's glasses, only I think that the Moscot silhouette is a little more me and a little more functional.

The good news? They make them as sunglasses (although I do like the idea of clear lenses better)!
The bad? They're $175 for the frames alone. That's not too bad of a price if I were wearing the frames all of the time because I needed them to see, but it is quite a bit for something that, in this grey Wisconsin winter, I'd only wear sporadically. Besides, there's a recession on! Maybe if I pinch my pennies, I'll be wearing these puppies come June.

If you know of anywhere that I can get similar frames on the cheap, help a sister out!


blythe said...

Those glasses are fantastic. They remind me of Gregory Peck in "To Kill A Mockingbird," a.k.a super badass.

Maddie said...

They're totally Gregory Peck glasses! That makes them even more awesome!

Anonymous said...