Individual Fur Pattern: Yesterday

Hey Flog Readers!

Yesterday I met up with Maddie and we went shopping on Ye Olde Near East Side aka Her Side of Town. We haven't seen each other since school let out, so it was a pleasant reunion, albeit a cold one. We had had plans to do a photo shoot, but the negative temperatures pushed us into thrift stores instead. Here's what I wore underneath my coat, which I never took off:

Shirt: Anthropologie (I just got it, isn't it cute? It has pinstripes)
Belt: thrifted
Black skinny pants: UO
Boots: Nine West

Ever since I got my hair cut really short again I've been feeling a bit man-ish. But that's ok because lately I like to dress like a man. In fact, I'm bidding on a few pairs of beat up men's levis on Ebay. Also, I like to be smelly and greasy and walk into nice stores. I can't explain.

Maddie and I have a photo shoot planned for Monday, so be on the lookout!

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