30-Degrees, Batman!

dress: portobello road market, london
leggings: aa
boots: frye

Today is a little bit warmer than it's been, so I felt obligated to run a comb through my hair and slap on something decent. I'm pretty sure that all I'm doing today is going to my mom's house to watch some Lee Pace movies, so this awesome little dress won't get much exposure around the public. I bought it about two years ago when my friend Elly and I did the "grand tour" around Europe. We ended the trip in London with practically empty pockets, which is very sad because that city ain't cheap! When I found this little number, I had to throw concern for finances to the wind. I pay for it every time someone asks me where I bought it. I feel like such a pretentious a-hole when I answer back "London, dahling!"

On a side note, here is the view from my window:

Happy Holidays, y'all!


oni said...

what kind of material is that dress? is like silk? its an awesome color one of my favs to wear. my friends say i am to green what barbie is to pink haha

Maddie said...

No, it's knitted, but I'm pretty sure that it's not real wool. There's no fabric tag unfortunately. I love green!