Holy Holidays!

Sorry for the hiatus, everybody. Like I've said, finals week kept both Rachel and I pretty busy and I'd be lying if I said that I had been typing away at papers wearing high heels and a cute vintage sweater. Truth is that I've spent most of the past week in pajamas, hunched over my desk while I worked on this! Good news is that my holiday party for work is tonight and that means that I'm going to get gussied up.

dress: banana republic
tights: gap
riding boots: hand-me-downs
doppleganger: vampire maddie

I've shown this dress before, but tonight it will actually be appropriate! Well, maybe not. It's likely that I will be the most dressed up girl at the party, but that's okay by me.

A funny thing about the boots is that I've had them since I was about nine and a friend of the family gave them to me for dress-up. I even wore them at my fourth grade Star Wars themed birthday party when I dressed up as Luke Skywalker (I was too young to know that Hans Solo is totally more badass). They are currently about a shoe size too small, but what are you gonna do when there's a few feet of snow on the ground and the day's high is 3 degrees fahrenheit (yeesh)?

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