Individual Fur Pattern: Literal Edition

When the winters are as long, gray and generally soul-crushing as Wisconsin winters, you have to find glimmers of humor where you can. This hat, I believe, does the trick. I got it on a rural Wisconsin thrifting jaunt with Maddie this summer. A rare find, it was waiting for me in the basement of Halle's Closet, an amazing vintage store in Mazomanie. Guess what else. It had a twin! There were two of these magnificent beasts in that Mazomanie basement. Naturally, I showed the prize to Maddie, who didn't feel the need to be my hat-twin. C'est la vie: she gave me the privilege of bringing this miracle of head wear to the masses.

Every time I wear this hat I get multiple smiles and comments from complete strangers; the kind that make your day a little lighter. Also, when you want to take a nap in class this hat makes the perfect pillow. And it's warm as hell.

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My Daily Vintage said...

aha, cute! the pics are cute, too!