One is silver and the other gold

Question: How do you feel about wearing silver and gold jewelry at the same time?

I honestly want to know. Please respond with your opinions in the comment section.

When I was younger I thought there could be no greater violation than to mix metals: if your necklace was gold, the rest of your jewelry had to be gold, too. As I've gotten older I've loosened up my strict-as-a-straight-laced-biddy fashion rules, but I've still believed that mixing metals is a no-no.

You know that terrible movie "Made of Honor"? Well the main girl in that movie wears the same necklace in most scenes: it's just a simple small necklace with two circles that are entwined. I found the necklace online (it's made by Los Angeles jewelry designer Zoe Chicco) because it cast a spell over me and I put it on my Christmas list. My dad graciously gave it to me and I've worn it every day since.


The necklace is gold. I have two rings that I wear at all times. They are silver. To be able to wear both my rings and the necklace, I need to reconcile my belief that metals can be mixed. Can you tell I've spent a lot of time thinking about this?

Please advise.


kellyj said...

Hi hi!

I think that it is perfectly acceptable to wear gold and silver jewelry at the same time, to mix and match.

I wear the same three rings daily (two by, ironically enough, Zoe Chicco and one made by St. Kilda) and constantly wear other metals: gold watch, copper earrings, silver necklace.

I do feel, however, that if you are dressing up for a special event (say, New Year's Eve or a dinner out with your partner) it would be more appropriate to wear all of one metal. I feel that mixing the metals is fine for daytime and casual events while more formal gatherings would require just one metal.

I hope my opinion helps and enjoy the necklace! Zoe's work is so gorgeously simple and the quality is amazing.

kellyj said...

P.S. Forgot to mention that one of my Zoe rings is gold and the other rings are silver!

Mary said...

I'm sorry, I hate to burst your bubble, but absolutely not. Yellow gold and silver jewelry should never mix. I think it looks tacky and unpolished. But then I'm not a big fan of gold jewelry to begin with.

emjay29 said...

I agree with Kellyj - especially if the rings are items you wear religiously - why remove them just to be fashion conscious? On the other hand, i'm not sure that gold fashion jewellery should be mixed with silver, just because the gold tends to be more yellow and tacky looking.

As long as it's real gold and silver, in my opinion, it would look totally fine =)

Renee said...

Mix. The new freedom will change your life! And be glad you came to this before you were 40.

Librarian Girl said...

I think if you do it with intention, as an overall statement, it's fine. It's like matching your bag and your shoes-- you don't have to, but if you don't make sure they compliment and contribute to the bigger perspective of the whole outfit.

Wow that sounded like a lot of horseshit, but it really sounds good in my head.