The Duck and Diane

I don't know about you, but I have a love/hate relationship with fashion forward couples, especially when they look happy and unpretentious. I LOVE that they look so cute, approachable, and into each other. I HATE that they look so cute, approachable, and into each other, leaving me with nothing to make fun of them with in a lame attempt to boost my self-esteem. I know a few of these couples in real life (one of them cowrites this blog), but I unfortunately can't take secret pictures of them to post on the internet so that everyone can gush/admire/cry out of jealousy. Thus, I turn to the world of celebrity.

Imagine my excitement upon seeing this picture of Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger at the Tommy Hilfiger show at this month's New York Fashion Week.

Ah, how I love a little classic American prep when done right. I'm not sure if I'm into the whole matching thing, but I will forgive on account of sheer adorability and blazer-iness. And is Pacey rocking an ascot? Close enough.

*Photo from Go Fug Yourself


Rachel said...

dude, I was totally drooling over this same photo on the same site. And thinking how I still have a major crush on Pacey Witter.

Also, anyone that could call Logan and I an approachable couple did not see us at the grocery store this evening. So feel lucky you can't take secret pictures of us because your illusions would be ruined. Illusions, Michael!

Librarian Girl said...

They are cute and approachable, yes. But I have to protest about the matching. MATCHING IS NEVER OK.

Never. Ever.