Wedges, of the non-cheese variety

Giraffe Girl 1 by Karen O'Bryan

Someone please get me a giraffe skull mask so I can wear it on my head and look awesome.

Today feels like SPPPRRRINNNGGG and I'm craving impractical footwear. Usually, I'm a flats-only girl but after reading Sea of Shoes all the time, I'm like gimme some of those Marni wegdes. She makes it look like wearing 3"+ heels is similar to wearing a house slipper! I might disregard my paper (due tomorrow) to go to DSW tonight and investigate some cheap imitations.

Also, now that it's spring and I'm interested in fashion again, I'm particularly lamenting the loss of most of Madison's vintage stores. All that's left is the standard used clothing stores and the over-priced June 3rd jerks. But...I've heard wind of a new vintage shop opening only blocks from my abode. I heard it's called "Good Styles" or something, so Maddie and I will need to investigate.


Librarian Girl said...

It's not quite spring yet here, but I CAN'T WAIT FOR SPRING/SUMMER CLOTHINGS.

(PS- there is a chance the dude and I will be coming to Madison for a day or two in July- if so, we should go have a drinkie.)

Maddie said...

PUH-lease tell me that I'll be invited!

Librarian Girl said...

But of course- I meant both of ya'll.

Anonymous said...

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