Goin' to the chapel

I recently read an article about how women are now looking at their weddings like their one chance to walk the red carpet like a celebrity. While I hope that they also look at it as a symbol of their love with their partners and a chance to celebrate that love with their friends and family, I can sort of understand it. I love weddings and one of the main reasons that I love them is because I get to get dressed up and hang out with men wearing suits and ladies in high heels. I haven’t been invited to enough weddings for them to become tiresome, so every time that I’m invited to one I’m thrown into an absolute fit in which outfits are thrown around my room willy-nilly, leaving mountains of dresses, slips, and shoes that are hard to walk in.

This upcoming weekend, I’ll be attending a friend’s wedding all the way in Indiana. Having gone through the usual routine of late night modeling in front of my mirror and still feeling unsure about what I’ll wear, I’ve decided to tap into a new resource: you fine people.

So here are the choices. Let me hear your votes!


Okay? It gets more complicated still as I will probably need a sweater for the ceremony.




(looking at these pictures, I realize that I should have maybe worn a slip underneath)

I know that there's the whole "you shouldn't wear white to a wedding" thing, but the dress does have a pattern on it. Does that still make it inappropriate?

3. This isn't really a choice because I KNOW that this one is inappropriate for a wedding, but it's so fun that I thought that I would post it anyway.



Rachel said...

1b, probably.

The Marc with the blue sweater is actually my favorite, but I know that it looks way more white in person and I wouldn't even risk it.

Mary said...

I love the black dress with red tights. You could wear that to a really funky wedding, but not to a more traditional wedding.

I also love the red polka dot dress, but maybe not with the opaque black tights. It's really cute with the pale blue cardy, but that kind of dresses it down, the black cardy seems a little more dressy.

The ruffled dress looks pale blue to me and also looks a little more dressed-up than the first option. Which, depending on how fancy the wedding is, might be better. How about blue tights with the ruffled dress?

I don't know, though, maybe I do like the first dress best. Maybe with sheer-er black tights?

I do the same thing:

Kristin said...

2! it's very cute and i think wedding appropriate. it also looks pale blue to me, as another commenter said.

Casey said...

I like 1b the best.

The dress is great and the black sweater definitely dresses it up a bit more than the lighter one. Like somebody above said.

you look really great in all of these pictures on here though, by the way!

blythe said...

I too like the pale blue/white the best, and as a former bride, I really don't think it would be deemed inappropriate. Kelly Kapur at the Bob Vance of Vance refrigeration wedding? that was not cool, but it was also a floor length, silk, wedding dress. The black with red tights is AMAZING! You should wear that to your own wedding.

Josie said...

1 b. definitely. be sure to wear that awesome red MAC lipstick too!

Maddie said...

Thanks for the great feedback, everyone! I was definitely not expecting so many responses. I think that I'm gonna go with 1b- somehow the ruffle dress suddenly looks huge without a sweater on :( Maybe for another wedding (after a trip to the tailor).