Doppelganger Doubt (Alliteration Awesome)

Tonight, my dad took my brother and I out to dinner to belatedly celebrate my birthday. As we were about to order our drinks and meals, the waitress blurts out that I sort of look like Hilary Duff. I wasn't really sure how to respond, so I muttered a stammered "thank you." The more I think about it, the more I think that it was a flattering compliment. Resume and Aaron Carter aside, the Duffster is quite a pretty girl. Still, this is probably one of the most random and surprising you-look-like-so-and-sos that I've ever gotten. Let's look closer, shall we?

The girl on the left is me at a wedding (wearing a dress that you helped me pick). The girl on the right is Hilary Duff. Just needed to clear that up because I'm sure that some of you are confused. I guess that I don't really see it, although, for the sake of full disclosure, I did have a slight, albeit unintentional, Lizzie McGuire faze:

Yes, that's 18 year old me. I was living in Italy at the time which explains the alien tan.

Just because I'm putting off doing what I should be doing (hello midterms), here are the other celebrities that I have gotten compared to in no particular order. For the record and humility's sake, when people tell me these things, I think what they really mean is "you look like the homely sister who's working as an assistant for..."

Maggie Gyllenhall was another one that came completely out of the blue. It's probably weirder than Hilary Duff.

I've been compared to both these ladies. Oddly, I think that Rebecca Hall looks a lot like my mother. For Scarlet (who I actually can't stand outside of Lost in Translation), see "homely sister" remark above.

This is probably the one that I see the most. Funny enough, my mom was told that she looked like Molly Ringwald back in the 80's brat pack days.

And this is the one that I find most flattering.

Readers, please take advantage of commenting and tell me who you're most told that you look like. Or tell me to fucking get over myself. You know, either way.


Casey said...

"That girl in American Pie who's had an orgasm." -Walter Nelson. Every. Day. Of. High school.


Robin said...

often told I look like this guy... OUCH! This guy... mmmaybe, but I imagine I look like this guy. Right?

Mad, this is your dg.

K, tea? said...

"that one princess diaries girl"

I WISH!!!?