Another Sunday post

Like Rachel, Sunday brunch is one of the things that make me most happy. Sundays in general make me happy. It's the one day of the week that I have entirely to myself. Today, I celebrated my weekend with my roommates by making a trip to the nearby bistro for a croque-madame and a glass of fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice. So pleased was I with the prospect that I even managed scrounge up an outfit despite the 30-degree weather.

cashmere sweater: vintage
dress: vintage
belt: vintage
tights: gap
shoes: etienne aigner
pot belly: ham, gruyere, egg

I found the dress at a garage sale this summer in the heat of my Mad Men obsession (the heat hasn't cooled, in case you were wondering). Since I can't wear it to work at Sterling Cooper, Sunday brunch will have to do.

Since this site has been a little deprived of "what I wore" pictures lately, here's the number that I wore yesterday:

striped shirt that makes my boobs look huge: h&m
pencil skirt: tj maxx
tights: hue
flats: dkny
hindquarters of a german shepherd: fergus

Monday, it's back to looking like crap. Why can't everyday be Sunday?

P.S. While taking the picture of this Sunday outfit, my tripod fell over and the lens of the camera that I was using (my dad's camera) broke. Do you see the cost of this blog? Do you see what I'll do for you people?


Casey said...

what is the bistro?! have you ever been to sucre, by the way? i can only imagine it's crap but i'm just worrying about falling over dead without pastries. sorry this comment is less about what you're wearing (which is great incidentally) and more about what i want to be eating.

Maddie said...

The bistro is just Sardine... so, I guess it's a little bit of a stretch. I've been in Sucre and the atmosphere is always so weird. They were hesitant to seat a group of 8 people even though the restaurant was empty, they didn't have coffee (they said that the machine had been broken), and they have half-hour table limits even though I've never seen the place remotely full. I can't speak for their desserts, but the decor is pretty cool. For pastries, I stick with Sophia's.

Casey said...

sardine is enough of a bistro. i really liked my food there when i went, by the way. since i know you are in charge of that. yeah, i've heard weird stuff about sucre. i guess it's nice somebody is trying...? or something?