sunday brunch

I'm going to make helmets the fashion must-have this spring. Not for safety reasons, but because I want to wear a helmet all the time. Just think: we'd die much less in walking accidents and people with epilepsy would feel less embarrassed. Helmets for all.

This post is not about helmets.

Brunch outfits!

What my boyfriend wore (thankfully he doesn't read this blog or he'd kill me for posting this):

Button down: some rando shirt he always wears that seems to be made out of thin plastic. It has pinstripes and two staples on the collar that he refuses to remove.
Vest: Target
Pants: stanky ass Levis
Shoes: Converse

What I wore:

Bag: UO
Sweater: Some rando mall store
Button Down: Old Navy
Pants: Old lady section at TJ Maxx
Tights: Hue
Shiny jazz shoes: Marshalls
Headband: Anthropologie

Those pants me look stumpy as shit in this photo; I don't think I looked that short and bottom heavy in person. Regardless, I've been having anxieties that I look like a man, so I decided to embrace it and look like a man-golfer.

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