Maybe I'll get lucky and freeze to death before it really gets bad

I'm a fashion fraud. Here I come, all hoity-toity, telling you that I have fashion cred and can tell you how to dress. And then what? The weather drops below forty degrees and I'm all about leggings and converse. Didn't I claim to own a sea of vintage dresses that I was just longing to show off? Well, my 1940's sundress doesn't mean a damn thing when its chilly and rainy outside. I don't think that I used to give up so easily. I'm pretty sure that last year I hung in there at least until mid-December. It's probably that last year's winter kicked the emotional crap out of me and seeing this one coming just makes me want to die in a sea of down coats.

I've spent the last hour scouring the internets for inspiration. Something, anything that will act as a beacon of light and help me get through the week (I'm not even asking for the whole season). First, I turned to film. The problem with most movies set in winter is that they seem too unrealistic. I think to myself, "They live in upstate New York? They don't even zip up their coats all of the way! Humbug!" Over the summer, I watched the now-defunct series Wonderfalls and couldn't get over a scene in which Lee Pace wears a hat that doesn't cover his ears. The show took place in Niagara and in the dead of winter. I mean, really! That one little flaw almost ruined the show for me.

So with movies out of the way, I've begun focusing on real people. One person who I found particularly helpful was everyone's favorite fashion Finn, Piksi.

(please note that this collection of images was taken without permission from Art of the Steal. if the author would like it taken down, let me know and it will be taken off quicker than you can say "copyright laws")

I'm hoping that I can dig up more people on my search because, believe it or not, I think Wisconsin gets even colder than Finland in the winter and the ice alone will prevent me from galavanting about in heels. And anybody who suggest wearing skirts and tights when it's -10 degrees outside should have their brain checked.

Maybe what I need is a brightly colored coat to combat the atmospheric gray. I even have one in mind:

What's that you say? It's $498.00? Okay then. I'll pray that I can track down a thrifty alternative.

Wanna help save a budding fashion blogger? Tell me where you get your winter fashion inspiration! Movies! Magazines! Websites full of boots and coats! Flickr links! Anything!


Amy said...

That coat is ADORABLE and I want it. It doesn't look warm enough for waiting at bus stops and slogging to work, though. (There. I saved you $500!)

Librarian Girl said...


I have a block when it comes to winter fashion. I have cute things, but only a very few (as opposed to my oodles of dresses and skirts and summery shoes) so I get in this place where it's only November and I am already SO SICK of everything I have. And I live in Seattle, where it doesn't get super cold but it's definitely not summer dress weather and it does get super rainy.

I have nothing helpful to say. Just that you are singing my song.