Inspiration: Ashley Watson

Recently I discovered Ashley Watson, a designer out of Vancouver who makes bags with recycled leather. Her online gallery is an orgasm for everyone who loves big bags, searches high and low for the perfectly worn-in leather, and is eco-conscious.

My favorites:


ashley watson2

ashley watson1


ashley watson3

(all images from ashleywatson.net)

Atticus, a locally owned eco-friendly boutique in downtown Madison, is listed as the only vendor carrying Ashley Watson in Wisconsin, so I stopped by. The owner was there and mentioned she'll be getting a shipment in at the end of November, and another one in late February. She said she'd email me when they came in so I could run up and see them. The question is: I know I'll immediately fall in love, but can I afford it? The bigger bags are upwards of $350, and while that's no Louis Vuitton (ew), should I still spend that much on a bag?


Luwanda said...

Personally, I think $350 for a bag that's made of used leather is freaking nuts. But I also think $20 is on the expensive side for a purse, so what do I know?

Maddie said...

I'm with luwanda on this one. That's a whole months rent!

Rosie said...

I think if the bag looks like something you'll have for a long time it equals out to buying a new urban outfitters fake leather bag every year for 6 years that will probably fall apart after a year of intense use (assuming the prices hover around 50 bucks).
I made the plunge and bought a decent bag in 11th grade or 2004 and I still have/use/love it.